Five Facts for Friday {6.15.12 edition}

Hi there, everyone!
Hope you have had a good week…

We are in our summer routine now, which is vastly different with teenagers than it was when the kids were little. Work schedules structure the day rather than swim lessons, and I’m behind the wheel often as I get everyone to the right place. Hope you are off to a good start, too!

And now…

Five Facts for Friday
1. Every time I turn on the faucet, clean water flows out instantly. I’m rich.
2. The Obamas were at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house last night. Justin Bieber is singing at Rockefeller Center. I’m at home, making pulled pork, but Matt Lauer didn’t mention this during his report.
3. A man in Connecticut called 911 because he didn’t like how the deli made his sandwich. I think he ma…y have missed the class about emergencies at Safety Town.
4, I think when couples have been married for 20+ years, they should have another wedding shower…my tea towels and cooking utensils are looking a bit shabby. I’ll let you know where I’m registered.
5. Current favorite part of summer: No homework for my kids. How about you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

To the Graduates: Don’t Forget Your Markers

Today, I wandered around the high school gym, watching the seniors give presentations about their two-week internships. This tiny taste of professional life has really whet their appetites for the real deal; the eagerness and enthusiasm was palpable.

So many of these beaming faces are familiar to me…I’ve seen them at my dinner table and on the swing set. They’re the faces from preschool playdates, kickball and Girl Scout camp. The boys now have sideburns and strong jaw lines where chubby cheeks used to be; mascara and lip gloss adorn girls’ faces that once wore chocolate frosting during cooking projects. They’re so grown up. So ready!

They’re graduating on Sunday, and yet I feel just like the mom of a kindergartener who is bounding up the steps of the bus.  I want to call, “Have fun! Do your best job! I’ll be right here when you get home…”

But that isn’t enough. I want to tell them just a few more things as they turn their tassels…

Dear Graduates,

From the time you were in preschool until now, you have been steeped in small-town security.  We live in a community that celebrates sameness. The seasons are punctuated by the very traditions that make our town unique…the Pumpkin Roll, the Lighting of the Green and Santa at Holly Hall, the Blossom Parade, Summer Concerts in Triangle Park.   When you return to Chagrin Falls for Thanksgiving break, you will find it vastly unchanged.

And, when it comes to home, “unchanged” can be a very, very good thing. Home should provide consistency and comfort…a slower, predictable pace,  with familiar faces and shared stories.

However, I don’t want YOU to be unchanged.

You’re going into new territory, with new people whose ideas and beliefs will be radically different from your own. You’ll be challenged to think about the world, and about your place in it. You’ll discover that finishing high school is, in fact, a profound starting point.

We’ve taught you well here in our little school district so that you’ll have the basic, essential skills you need as you move forward. You have worked so hard, and done well!You’ve learned how to read, add and subtract. You know about atoms and molecules and gravity. You can count money and make change. You discovered that pencil can be erased, but not markers.

I hope you will apply these skills at every opportunity…

Read…read people. Study them. Be interested and strive to understand them. Remember that the person next to you is more important than any text or tweet. And, best of all, learn to serve, because the best leaders serve humbly.

Add…Add friends. Add knowledge. Add a sense of humor.

Subtract… Subtract gossip and small-mindedness.  Subtract busy-ness that creates stress. Learn to balance your life well.

Apply what you have learned about atoms and molecules and gravity. You can’t see these things, but you know they exist…”Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” You were created by a loving God for a purpose. Cultivate your faith. Rest in the knowledge that God knows every hair on your head and understands the desires of your heart.

Make change…not with money, but with your life. Endeavor to make a difference with your work, your relationships and your community.

Don’t forget your markers. Consider, as you embark on this next adventure, how you want to be remembered. Choose your words and actions carefully; they can’t be erased. With this in mind, use your talents wisely, and with kindness. Make your mark.

And finally…Do your best job. Have fun.

We’ll be right here when you get home.


Mrs. Wetherbee

It’s MAY(hem)

Hi everybody!
I’m sorry for my absence from the blogosphere! To be honest, the reason is April Showers…we’ve had a month-full of ministry opportunities, including some extra writing projects, two out-of-town-conferences, planning for more JAM Sessions, and some wonderful chances to chat with some VERY enthusiastic pastors and volunteers. So…my blog has taken a  back seat. However, the April Showers will hopefully be bearing lots of flowers (or, in Biblical terms, fruit!) So excited to share new ideas and materials with you in the coming weeks and months.

The other reason is that my computer has taken ill.  It’s making good progress, and we are seeing definite signs of improvement. However, my operating systems are toast, hence no pictures or graphics in this post. Sorry about that.

This month, I’m going to be welcoming you to my “Mother ‘hood.” I’ve gathered an amazing group of women who are raising exceptional children. Each of them is an encouragment to me and I’m a better mom (and a better person) for knowing them. I know they’ll enrich your ministry (and your parenting) as well.

I’ll also be updating you on some opportunities for training. We love to meet new friends when we’re on the road, and we will be traveling quite a bit over the next few months. AND…we’ve had some great fun during the past month. I’ll post pictures from some of our adventures and tell you what we learned.

As the title for this post indicates, May is, for me, the BUSIEST month of the year. It rivals Christmas time, I believe, with the intensity of schedules, end-of-school-year concerts and ceremonies, and  Memorial Day festivities. This week alone, our family has four concerts, a seminar, a service project, a missions meeting and youth group on the docket. See what I mean? May(hem). (I know it’s the same for you, too).

And…this year, we have a brand new set of responsibilities related to one very big word:

In less than one month, we’ll be sitting in the stadium, listening to “Pomp and Circumstance” and watching Annie receive her diploma.

People ask me, “How are you handling this?”


I cry periodically, with no warning whatsoever.
I have a strange lump in my throat that can only be attributed to a mixture of pride and nostalgia.
I’m overwhelmed.
I’m overjoyed.
I’m overtired.

I’m thankful.

That about sums it up…for now.

This blog post has been a bit all-over-the-place. But I told you why…

It’s MAY(hem).

One day at a time, everybody.