Five Facts for Friday {7.13.12}

Happy Friday, one and all!

It’s been a rather eventful week at our house…Annie’s wisdom teeth came out, Bill began a new summer job while continuing to perform in a local production of “Little Women,” and Tom and I kept busy with work and ministry…we even managed to sneak in a double date with some dear friends!

Hope you are enjoying your summer, too…it seems to be flying too quickly!

And now…

ImageFive Facts for Friday:
1. During the 1979 Miniwanca camper hunt (a leaders vs. campers game of hide and seek), I hid under a fallen pine tree for over an hour in the dark, cold, Michigan night, scoring exactly one point for the Ridge tribe.
2. I wonder what kind of progress we could make if presidential candidates had to donate 10% of their advertising budgets to defray the national deficit.
3. Last week, I dreamt that Matt Lauer was giving me directions to my new job as a copy writer, which totally confirms that I should be working on the Today Show.
4. Great movie: People Like Us.
5.I adore my laptop and (it might sound silly), I am so thankful for my garage door opener. What’s your favorite modern technology?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends~


Around here {July, 2012 edition}

Around here, we’ve been doing a lot of celebrating…

Annie graduated from high school…

and we planned a wedding shower for these two in Michigan.

Tom and Bill celebrated Father’s Day at the Indian’s Game.

Around here, we’ve spent time with far-flung relatives.

Around here, we’re applauding for Bill, who is in a production at a local youth theatre.

Around here, our days are filled with summer jobs, carpooling, friends, good books, and a bit of extra sleep.

Around here, we’re glad it’s summer.

Hope you catch a few fireflies…

Five Facts for Friday {6.15.12 edition}

Hi there, everyone!
Hope you have had a good week…

We are in our summer routine now, which is vastly different with teenagers than it was when the kids were little. Work schedules structure the day rather than swim lessons, and I’m behind the wheel often as I get everyone to the right place. Hope you are off to a good start, too!

And now…

Five Facts for Friday
1. Every time I turn on the faucet, clean water flows out instantly. I’m rich.
2. The Obamas were at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house last night. Justin Bieber is singing at Rockefeller Center. I’m at home, making pulled pork, but Matt Lauer didn’t mention this during his report.
3. A man in Connecticut called 911 because he didn’t like how the deli made his sandwich. I think he ma…y have missed the class about emergencies at Safety Town.
4, I think when couples have been married for 20+ years, they should have another wedding shower…my tea towels and cooking utensils are looking a bit shabby. I’ll let you know where I’m registered.
5. Current favorite part of summer: No homework for my kids. How about you?

Have a wonderful weekend!