I saw love at the art museum

I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art last Saturday expecting to see the British Drawings exhibit.

But instead, I saw love.

{and, as it happens, I saw Batman as well.}

Tom and I decided to take advantage of a free day and venture to University Circle. It’s one of our favorite places in Cleveland, and a perfect destination on a crisp, sunny, spring afternoon. After a leisurely brunch, we traveled through the historic neighborhoods on Shaker and North Park, past Case Western Reserve and Severance Hall, landing a lucky parking spot right next to the art museum.

The hush of such a museum always fascinates me…there’s something about being in the presence of such beautiful and timeless works that evokes whispers. As we wandered through the galleries, we lingered by a contemporary sculpture, wondering what statement the artist could possibly be making…and giggling at our obvious lack of sophistication. I turned away to view another piece when Tom tugged at my elbow.

“Look,” he whispered. “There’s Batman.”

I glanced behind my shoulder, expecting to see another sculpture or or a painting of the famous character…instead, I saw a four year-old boy dressed up…from head to toe…as Batman: Shirt. Boots. Pants. Gloves. Headpiece. Mask. (and, of course…the cape.)


He walked quietly next to his mom, a young, slim woman who was fashionably dressed.

I smiled at them, imagining the conversation that might have occurred prior to their art-museum-field trip:

Mom: “We’re going to the art museum!”

Son: “But I don’t want to go to the art musuem!”

Mom: “Well, this is what we have planned for today.”

Son: “I’m NOT going.”
Mom: “You can wear your Batman suit…”

So, there they were, enjoying an afternoon date. “You have Batman with you today,” I remarked as they walked by.

The young woman smiled warmly, the unmistakable tone of sheer pride in her voice: “I sure do.”

Batman regarded me solemnly before scampering into the next room.

And off they went…Mother and Superhero.

Truly a work of art.

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Photo cred: littleheartsbooks.com