Tips and Tools: Zondervan’s Adventure Bible Website

I have a great resource to share with you today! Zondervan, a name we all know and trust, has developed a new website. This companion tool for Zondervan’s Adventure Bible, will appeal to parents, teachers, volunteers and, most importantly, KIDS!

On the site, you’ll find games, Bible reading guides, devotionals and downloadable materials. Several aspects of these resources make this site a “standout.” For example, the games (including “Truth Quest” and (my personal favorite!) “Leopardy” have “pause” buttons. Children who need extra time to read the questions or think through their answers can stop the timer; this reduces frustration and encourages thorough thinking! The sounds that accompany the games are motivating but with tones quiet enough for kids with sensitive ears.

Another strong component of the site is the picture downloads. This resource is especially helpful for children with cognitive disabilities, language-based learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorders. The printable pictures not only provide visual support for unfamiliar customs such as Foot Washing, but also, more abstract concepts, like “God is a Shield” and emotions such as “Showing Grief.” These visuals can provide broader understanding to students, as well as opportunities for review and practice.

Teachers and volunteers will be delighted by the resources accessed through the free, password-protected area of the site. Some of these tools include a database for communication and tracking student progress, additional downloads, and children’s sermon outlines and activities. In addition, bulletin inserts can be printed for children who attend adult worship. These inserts have several activities on each page, and can be modified for several skill levels.

Here is my very favorite part: The emphasis on this site is CONTEXT. Zondervan includes maps, timelines, and a topical index. Clearly, the goal is to increase Bible literacy by understanding the “whole,” rather than a series of unrelated stories. The website supports…and encourages…kids to open their Bibles and interact with God’s word.

You will just love this site…check it out here, and be sure to complete the information here so you will have access to the additional materials. Enjoy!