The Bee’s Knees {Resources + Events}

I love sharing resources and information with my friends…and this is the place I’ll do it! There is SO much to know and learn, and none of us has all of the answers. So, as I find things that I think are the “bees knees,” I’ll post them here. 

Upcoming Events

Everyone Welcome Workshop, First Free Church of Lincoln, NE (Jolene Philo and I will be leading a day-long training. If you’re in the area, come and spend the day with us! Information on the workshop here: Everyone Welcome Workshop Flyer (2)

The North Coast District of United Methodist Churches  Leadership Academy for Teens Rocky River, OH (I’ll be teaching a workshop called “Through the Roof: Making Churches a Welcoming Place for EVERYONE) More information coming!

 The Accessibility Summit at McLean Bible Church (I’ll be teaching a class on preventing bullying in classrooms and church programs.)
Book Report: Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart
Different Dream Parenting by Jolene Philo (book review)

Coming soon!

Special Needs-Related Blogs and Websites 
Website run by Rhonda Martin, LPCC…information and help regarding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other anxiety disorders in children       Church4EveryChild~ Dr. Steve Grcevich’s blog for    churches and ministry leaders Jolene Philo’s resources for parents   Collaborative website for special needs ministry leaders Shannon Dingle’s blog for special needs ministry Barb Dittrich’s blog for parents raising kids with disabilities Mike Woods’ resource for parents of kids with autism and related needs Mike Wood’s blog/site supporting churches and caregivers of folks with autism and Alzheimer’s disease

Organizations Key Ministry…resources to help churches welcome and include families affected by disabilities

Past Events…news and reviews

Our Day in Dallas: {Equal}
Twas the Night Before the Conference (A little poem for you)
Pearls of Wisdom from The BLAZE (Montreat Youth Conference)

The BLAZE: “Young People ARE the Church”
Swindoll Preview: The Sweet, The Serious, and the Silly
Inclusion Fusion: The Man Behind the Curtain

We JAMmed and we Jelled…(Iowa JAM Session!)

Services you’ll like:
Putting the Special” in “Specialist” (Orange Specialists)

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