Tidings of Comfort + Joy

I’ve made so many friends through this blog, and I’m thankful for each of you! I think friends ought to have a comfortable space to spend time…a place to share our hearts and laugh til our sides ache. Thus, the “Comfort and Joy” page…put up your feet. Relax. Have coffee with me…I’ll share some of my heart with you here, as well as some things that inspire me, make me think, and give me joy.

Good fun
How A Middle Child Keeps Peace
Adventures in Humility
Signing off from Cleveland, Ohio…

Peace: Wholly Holy
Connecting the Dots
What Does Your Ministry Smell Like?
Reason for Life

A Place of Peace

Say It Today
Searching for the Right “Mettle Detectors”

Real. Life.
Around here: Autumn 2011
Around here: January 2012
Around here: February 2012

Attitude and Gratitude
Pottery Lessons
A Place of Peace
The Blessing of Pine Needles

Gratitude from the Infirmary
Broken Shells
Oysters and Crabs
Shoulder Rides to Heaven (guest post for Support for Special Needs)

Five Facts for Friday
3/9/12 edition
3/2/12 edition
2/24/12 edition
2/17/12 edition
2/10/12 edition
2/3/12 edition
1/27/12 edition
1/20/12 edition
1/13/12 edition
12/17/11 edition
12/9/11 edition
10/28/11 edition
10/21/11 edition
10/14/11 edition
10/8/11 edition
9/30/11 edition
9/23/11 edition
9/16/11 edition
9/9/11 edition
9/2/11/ edition

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