Weekly Wrap + Five Facts for Friday {3-2-12}

The weather report indicates that March will, indeed, come in like a lion in many parts of the country. The weather, though, is not the only “roaring” in the ears of our community…it’s been a hard week. As you know, there was a shooting in a nearby school district, which resulted in death, injury, and so much grief. In addition, a family in another nearby community lost a daughter in an accident just last night.

My human noggin just can’t understand the reason for all of this suffering. Please pray for these families. Chardon Superintendent Joe Bergant told parents this week, “Hug your kids,” and then said, “Kids, hug your parents.”
That sounds like a really good plan to me.

In other news, our Key team has been really busy…we’re doing some curriculum modifications for a publisher, working on presentations for several conferences, and consulting with churches across the US as they seek to include kids and families affected by disabilities. This week, we worked with churches in Texas, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida! I’m looking forward to sharing some news about a great site visit I had to a career center today; there are some great applications for churches and communities. More on that next week!

And, finally, our traditional Friday fun:

Five Facts for Friday

1. Heard in our house during the Oscars…Annie: “You’re going to be on this show some day, Bill. And you’re going to WIN.”
2. I tried some of the Cirque De Soleil moves that they did on the Academy Awards. It didn’t end well, and I don’t want to discuss it.
3. Classic TV: Davy Jones’ appearance on the Brady Bunch.
4. Chardon students’ response to this week’s tragedy shows remarkable solidarity and resilience.
5. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Favorite story: The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Yours?

Have a great weekend~

1 thought on “Weekly Wrap + Five Facts for Friday {3-2-12}

  1. Katie, I am a big believer in hugs, and gave out many, and still do. I still have a lot of kids that were friends with my kids that didn’t have fathers around to help them out, and they still thank me for the love and support that they received. I am glad I instilled that into my kids, because I think anyone that is afraid to hug others, and not just kids, is a little off in my book. Your group is doing wonderful things, so keep up the great work.

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