Five Facts for Friday {7.6.12}

Hi everyone!

It’s been a funny sort of week, with a holiday smack  dab in the middle of it…hope you all had a great day celebrating! For those of you who have been without power this week, I pray that it will be restored soon!

Our family had a great time serving at the Luau for adults with special needs at our church. Congrats to the coordinator, Abby Hamilton, for a great event…her hard work and dedication served so many people tonight!

Five Facts for Friday

1. We appreciate your concern, but we’re NOT the “Tom and Katie” who are splitting up. We understand the confusion, though, since Tom and I are in the news so much.
2. Housekeeping tip: Always try to match the color of your floor to the color of your dog. 3. After watching Wimbledon this week, I’ve learned that grunting supposedly allows everyone to know how hard you’re working. Therefore, I’m going to start grunting while I vacuum and make dinner.
4.Much love to the Dingle  family who welcomed their daughter, Zoe, in Taiwan this week, after a long labor of a different kind.
5. Fourth of July childhood favorites: North Hill bike parade, relay races, Mr. Peterson’s Amphicat.

What are YOUR  “Fourth favorites?”

Have a wonderful weekend~

2 thoughts on “Five Facts for Friday {7.6.12}

  1. Katie you make me giggle so much. I would PAY to watch you gruntle while you do housework. Or maybe that’s pay to have you grunt doing MY housework. Glad you are Tom are doing just fine, I was so concerned. 🙂 Love and miss you. Weather is amazing out here in CA…sorry!!

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